Occasional PapersDescription
Occasional paper June 2017 bullying the boardroom - FWC decisionOur paper on 2017 Fair Work Commission decision affirming that the chair of a registered charity could apply for a “stop bullying order” against another board member, and our discussion on a 2013 Supreme Court of Victoria judgment that sets out useful strategies to help prevent bullying occurring.
Occasional paper July 2017 bullying in the boardroom – Disabled MotoristsOur paper on how a registered charity addressed alleged bullying in the boardroom by the use of internal processes.
Occasional paper June 2014 governance dispute in a charitable institutionOur paper on our experience with a governance dispute within a registered charitable institution.
Occasional paper August 2013 Governance for Trader Associations lessons from VCATOur paper on governance in Trader Associations.
Occasional paper September 2012: the Register of MembersOur paper on the need to maintain an up to date Register of Members.
Charity Law FAQs
CLT legal FAQ October 2010Our popular overview of “Community Land Trusts”.
Other Publications
The FIA draft code of practice and the FIA draft complaints processSee our work for the Fundraising Institute Australia on a draft code of fundraising practice and complaints process:
Landcare Revolving Loan Fund Report 2003See our seminal report on a three year pilot microfinance project for a Registered Environmental Organisation supporting plantation forestry.